Farm Tractor Hour Meter Repair and Programming. Prices start at $600.00 Call Prospeedo



Farm Tractors and Heavy Equipment we support and have done listed below.

Cost on Most Farm Tractors is $600 USD

Please Note! any new John Deere or 30 series Tractor that are running a CommandCenter™ the price is $1200 USD

Cost on any Heavy Equipment Hour Meter Repair on Wheel Loaders, Dozers, Excavators, Skid Steer is $1200 USD

Update: Now Supporting John Deere R series Tractors for Hour Meter Repair.

Cost $1200 USD Call Prospeedo 1-800-277-9269


John Deere Farm Tractors we have done. 4055,4255, 4400,4455,4655,4755,4855,4906,5083E,5525,6220,6230,6330,6415,

6420,6430,6500,6520,6615,6715, 6930,7130,7210,7330,7410,7420,7520,7430,7630,7700,7710,7810, 7920,8300,8310,8320,8410,8770,8870,9200,9400,9430T,9600

New JD 30 Series we have worked on: 9430, 8430, 7930, 7830, 7730, 7630 Cost $1200 USD

New JD R Series. 6190R, 8345R etc. list would be to long. Cost $1200 USD

New JD M Series Cost $1200 USD

Hay Baler digital counters. Cost $600 USD

Combine, hour meter repair. 9600, 9610, 9996, Cotton picker etc.

John Deere Dozers:Crawler, 850J Top and Bottom Cost $2000 Usd. 850K,750K,700H, 750C Top only cost $1200 USD

John Deere Wheel Loaders: 544, 624G,624H, 624J, 644G and the all new K series. 544K, 624K, 644K, 724K, 744K

John Deere Backhoe: 310G,410G etc.

John Deere Excavator: 35D,120C,200C,LC, 230,270 CLC

John Deere Skid Steer: 322, 323D. Cost $1200 USD

John Deere 4x4, XUV Gator 625I, 825I, RSX 850I. Crossover Utility Vehiclev ETC. $350 USD

John Deere Motor Grader 670 CH ETC. Cost $1200 USD

John Deere GEN SETS. Cost $1200 USD


Case Farm Tractors we have done. 5220,5240,7110,7120,7130,9380,MX 110 IH, 135, 200, 255, 270, 285, Magnum 305, Maxxum 115,

120, IH JX1100U, IH STX 450, IH 500 AND 620 QUADTRAC, Maxxum 125 Pro, IH 275 etc.

Case Combine: 2388 Axial Flow Hours and Rotor. Cost $750 USD

Case Wheel Loaders: 621C,721D,821C.  Now Supporting 621E, 721E. Cost $1200 USD

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.12.10 AM  Yes! the 0.00 H Error can be fixed. Cost $1200 USD

Case Skid Steer: 420,430,435,440,445,450,465. 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 XT. Cost $1200 USD

Case Dozer/Wheel Crawler: 2004 to 2008 850K, XLT etc. Cost $1.200 USD


New Hollad Farm Tractors we have done.  TS100, 115A, 125A, T6030,TN 85FA,TN 75D,TJ 375, 8670,8870,8970,9280, 9282,9482,9682, T7.257

White Farm Tractors we have done.185, 3 series, 6124, 8510


Now Supporting Magnum Generators/Genset. All parameters can be requested. Cost $1200 USD



Bobcat Hour meters we have worked on


328, 331, 341G, 337 Mini Excavator Cost $1,200 USD

With or without lock out. No Problem


Komatsu Hour meters we have worked on


  • PC78, , PC128UU-2, PC138US-2, PC120-6, PC200-6, PC250-6, PC450-6, PC130-7,
  • PC150-7, PC180-7, PC200-7, PC228US-7, PC300-7, PC400-7, PC450LC-7, PC600-7, PC800-7, PC1250-7, PC200-8,
  •  List would be to long, pretty much all Komatsu Excavators can be done. call Prospeedo. Cost is $1200 USD Each.
  • Now stocking Komatsu S190 eeprom chips cost is $100 USD each if you need some.
  • Dozers, D51, D65EX-15, D375A-3, D375-5, D475A-5 Cost is $1200 USD
  • Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.09.30 AM
  • Yes! the 65535.0 h Error can be fixed. same cost $1200 USD


PC200 LC-8

Wheel loader komatsu WA-250-5 Hour meter repair $1200 USD

Now supporting the Komatsu WA 320 Hour meters. Cost $1200 USD



Now Supporting 2004 to 2010 Hyundai HL Wheel Loader hour meter repair

We have worked on Hyundai HL 730, 740, 757, 760, 770 and 780 Cost is $1,200 USD

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.41.19 PM


Now Supporting Linkbelt Excavators

we have worked on Lx330 etc. Cost $1,200 USD


Now Supporting Hitachi Excavators

We have worked on ZX 160LC etc. Cost $1,200 USD






Caterpillar Hour Meters we have worked on.


 Update: 01/12/16  Now Supporting Cat Skid Steer Hour Meter Repair

catskid       2008 and up 246C, 262C, 277C, 279C, 289C, 299C etc. Cost is $1200 USD

Now supporting all D series standard or advance screen cost $1200 USD

Caterpillar Farm Tractors

cat45 Challenger 35, 45 ,55  Cost on Caterpillar Farm Tractor Repair is $600 USD

Caterpillar Dozers: D3K, D5M, D5N, XL,D6R,D6M,MKL Etc. Cost $1200 USD

Caterpillar Wheel Loaders: 926H,928G,928HZ, 950G,962 Cost $1200 USD

Caterpillar Excavator: 308,324 Etc. Cost $1200 USD

Caterpillar ECU from Big Rigs, 3406 40 pin and C15  70 pin Etc. Cost $1200 USD


Big Rigs we have worked on. Please note: we work on Digital Speedometers and Digital Hour Meters Only! not Analog. Thank you

Kenworth: 1996 TO 2004  T2000


Volvo: 2000 and up 770



Attention Volvo Class 8 Trucks Owners No! we didn't forget about your Speedometer Problem.

We have you covered, it's all good you can relax :)

We support the 2003 to 2012 Volvo Class 8 Trucks, VN 430,VN 630,VN 670,VN 730,VN 780 etc.

Volvo Trucks VNL 300, VNM 200, VHD 430

Fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly, oil pressure is pegged out to max? or just refusing to work.
Gauges fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly. We can help. We charge $350 plus shipping for a complete rebuild. Yes all 10 gauges will be replaced and we will warranty them for as long as you own the Truck.

Freightliner: FLC Centry Class, 2002 and up Columbia


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.34.13 PM 


Now Supporting 2006 to 2016 Freightliner Columbia, Cascadia Light bar 

Mileage correction on Light bar $750 USD Call Prospeedo for volume discounts


 Now Supporting 2007 to 2017 Freightliner Custom Chassis Light Bar used on the 2007 to 2017 Fleetwood Discovery Coaches

Cost is $750 USD to fix one. Call Prospeedo

Peterbuilt: 387 2006 and up

PBILTScreen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.43.14 PM Cost is $650 USD



Kubota Farm Tractors we have worked on. 125x, M-126GX, 105, 108S, 135GX Etc. Cost is $600 USD

Now Supporting Junttan Hour meter repair Cost is $1200 USD



Hundreds of New Tractor and Heavy Equipment gauge motors in stock

Yes! we carry a wide range of brand new Gauge Motors for John Deere, Case, New Holland etc

Please Note! we do not sell any parts or motors for Tractors or any Heavy Equipment. All work is done in house only! 

For the guys asking No! these are not GM xc5 168, x27 168 or Mustang x25, xc5, x27 589 Stepper motors as seen on eBay, they are different and those you see online will not work in this industry on Farm Tractors or on any Heavy Equipment Gauges. If you don't know just call the Pro!

WARNING! Farm Tractors and Heavy Equipment Gauges are nothing to fool around with and it can cost you or your Farmer or Heavy Equipment client thousands of dollars on any mistake you might make on one. If your thinking this job should be simple? Think again! With 21 years helping Farmers out and fixing hour meters If it was simple everybody would be doing it. Save your client money and call Prospeedo. If you wish to gamble in this industry please try the casino first. You might have better odds of winning their then trying to fix one of these bad boys :)

Digital Hour Meter Disclaimer Below

disclaimer Disclaimer Form Must be signed, filled out and sent back with your package to repair your Hour Meter


When sending to Canada, please mark down on your couriers paper work when asked what is it that you are sending or the description of package. Mark Down ("Used Circuit Board For Repair and Return Only!") do not mark down any manufacturer's names makes or models on your package. I have seen a Package marked Lamborghini Speedometer magically disappear with no trace of where it went to and never found. I guess some might think it would be cool to have a Lamborghini Speedometer cluster in their man cave but it's not to cool to loose something you need back once repaired.

Value to be no more then $20.00 USD. Thanks!


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.56.56 PM



cascadia2Now Supporting 2010 and up Hour Meter Backhoe HM ERROR Fix.

Cost is $1200 USD


Instrument Cluster Programming on New Holiday Rambler Digital Clusters.

 Cost is $500 USD




Update: Now Supporting Komatsu Excavator Hour Meters


You have asked us to support them, here you go!

Komatsu PC200 LC-8 Excavator Hour Meter Repair $1200.00 USD


Update: Now Supporting John Deere 744K Wheel Loaders


John Deere 744K Wheel Loader Hour Meter Repair $1200.00 USD Call


 Update: Now Supporting John Deere 7630 Series

jd7630jd76302 7630 Hour Meter Repair $1,200 USD

You have asked us to support the John Deere 30 Series Tractor, I can safely say that we have done a 7630 with no problems. As for all 30 Series tractors sorry I'm not sure if they would be all the same but will keep you posted when we get more in.Thanks

Update: Now supporting 7430

Please Note: All John Deere 30 series hour meter repair will be $1,200 USD

 Update: Now Supporting John Deere 9400


Now supporting the John Deere 9400 Series Cost on hour meter repair is $600 USD. Thanks


Update: Now Supporting Bobcat 341G Excavator Hour Meter


For those of you that have bought a used one and need the original Hours put back on it. We charge $,1200 USD

Any questions call Prospeedo 1-800-277-9269


mf1 1998, 8160 Massey Ferguson shown


Is your Massey Ferguson Datatronic Box 10 years old or older? If so your time is just about up




Fuzzy Screen? Bad Checksum Error? We can Help fix your problem


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 10.20.11 AM Call the Pros at 1-800-277-9269


When in doubt please send or call us with the problems you might have on your Tractor information center, We have not seen everything on the market and every week something new is coming in that we are fixing. Thanks



Questions on the JD 6230,6330,6415,6430,6615,6715 Hour Meter

Yes! to answer your Question The Hours are stored in the Meter on the John Deere 6230,6330,6415,6430,6615 and the 6715

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.28.35 AM


If you have bought a new or used one we charge $600 USD to put the right information back into the Tractor you are working one. Call Prospeedo anytime 1-800-277-9269. Thanks

Please Note! We do not repair or supply ribbon cables at this time as for they are not feasible to work on



Now Supporting 2005 and up Caterpillar 928G Wheel Loaders




Now Supporting Caterpillar 2005 and up 928G Wheel Loaders Cost is $1200 USD Call Prospeedo 1-800-277-9269



Now Supporting John Deere 624J and the 624G Wheel Loader Hour Meter



Impossible? Wrong again! make it simple call the Pros's


Now Supporting Case Farmall Series Utility Tractors


Attention Farmers

Do you have a Case or New Holland Tractor Hour Meter that looks like the picture above?

Can’t see your Hours on the screen and wish to know how many hours are on the Tractor? we can help!

Gauges are erratic or not working like they should. We Charge $600 USD to fix this problem. Call Prospeedo

Now Supporting White 8510 Farm Tractor

Is your White 8510 Farm Tractor having problems with the hour meter, are you missing pixels on the screen? Tractor won't move ? Gauges are erratic when moving, Relax we can help, Check out the before and after picture below. Cost to fix is $600 USD. Call Prospeedo  Thanks


Update: John Deere Wheel Loader (K) Series Can now be done


Update: The Pro has done it again. You asked for it, you got it!


Now Supporting John Deere K Series Wheel Loaders


624K and 544K already tested and working well




Now Supporting Caterpillar 950G and 926H




Case and New Holland Side Post Hour Meter Repair

Update: Yes! for the guys asking we support the older side post hour meters found in New Holland TJ375, CASE MX285 etc.

We also support the new side post meters found in the CASE IH MAGNUM 305 picture below. Thanks!


Hour Meter Repair on Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Excavators etc, Start at $1200.00

What ever Your Hour Meter Problem Might be We Can Help! Prospeedo has been helping are farmers out for over 21 years

We work on Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Cotton Pickers, Farm Tractors, Excavators, Combines, Skid Steer, Bobcat, Crawler Etc.

For more information on Farm Tractor Hour Meters and a list of what we support CLICK HERE!



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