Chevrolet GMC Speedometer 2003 to 2006 Gauge Problem

Lets set the records straight, Prospeedo has been fixing the 2003 to 2006 Chevrolet GMC stepper motor problem, digital display problem and light bulb problem for over 12 years now. Its nothing new to us. For more information in regards to Instrument Cluster removal for the 2003 to 2006 GMC Chevrolet Trucks Suvs etc. Click Here!

Prospeedo works on 1999 to 2016 Digital Speedometer Instrument Clusters

Prices will vary on Year of Speedometer Cluster, Hour Meter type, job needed done and complexity. See simple price quotes below. Prospeedo has been fixing Digital Speedometers for over 24 years, we work on anything from Vehicle Speedometers to Motorbikes, Snowmobiles, Quads, Farm Tractors, Dozers, Big Rigs, The list goes on and on etc.

All packages that we get in go out the same day as we receive them, everything is sent through Fedex Overnight. 

Please Note! You must print out our disclaimer form below, please fill it out and sign it. This must be included in your package when sending it out to us. When sending to Canada mark down on paper work it is a " Used Circuit Board For Repair and Return Only!  Value to be no more then $20.00 Thanks. If you have any Questions just call anytime 


 Digital Speedometer Disclaimer Form


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We accept Cashiers Check, International Money Order, Paypal only, made payable to Prospeedo. 


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